Craig / Emma Bowman

Craig / Emma Bowman, a violent male identifying as a trans woman, was convicted of assault and failure to stop after an accident at Barnsley Magistrates Court in 2009, and was jailed for three months. Bowman, 39, had deliberately crashed into his neighbour, Susan Watson’s, car and then punched her in the face.

Mrs Watson said over the past five years her car has been damaged after a stone was hurled at the windscreen, a tyre slashed and on one occasion a dividing fence was knocked down and TV cables were cut. ‘The police have been called numerous times but although we had our suspicions we had no real proof the damage was caused by Emma.’ Ms Watson told police that Bowman had been ‘making my life a misery’, that she was living in fear and stated that ‘She [Bowman] has been a complete nightmare for some reason’.

District Judge Michael Rosenberg told lorry driver Bowman ‘You may have psychological problems because of your gender re-assignment, but I have not heard one single sign of remorse for your conduct. This was a wholly unprovoked assault and I take the view that the only sentence can be a custodial one. It is a very serious matter.’

At the time, in 2009, Bowman was said to have undergone four years of hormone treatment, a nose job and facial and breast implants, but still required more treatment to complete the gender re-assignment process, with an estimated cost of £25,000.

In 2011, Bowman, then aged 42, was said to be ‘nine months away from completing full gender realignment’ when convicted of drugs offences after being involved in a plot to grow cannabis with a street value of £18,000. Bowman was said to owe £11,000 to loan sharks and was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Sheffield Crown Court. While awaiting sentencing, Bowman took an overdose in the court building and was taken to hospital.

In 2013, it was reported that prison authorities at category A women’s prison HMP New Hall could move the prisoner out of the prison after Bowman developed a relationship with a female prisoner convicted of manslaughter, and stopped taking hormone treatment.

According to The Mirror, a prison source said ‘Bowman is causing staff concern. He is still a long way from having a complete sex-change.’ Staff were reported as believing Bowman ‘can still function as a man and that is quite scary in a prison full of female inmates. Bowman should not be in here.’

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