Mark Cox

Mark Cox, a violent male transvestite, was convicted in 2013 of two counts of burglary, one count of possessing a weapon designed for the discharge of CS gas and possessing a police uniform. Cox was jailed for three years at Northampton Crown Court.

Hospital porter Cox, 22, had stolen the key to a friend’s house after attending a party there and then broken in to steal her underwear repeatedly over a period of weeks. Police subsequently searched Cox’s home in Northampton and found ‘vast quantities’ of women’s underwear under his bed which he initially claimed he had bought, but was proved to be lying about when DNA testing proved some belonged to the victim.

Magistrates heard he bought the police uniform as ‘memorabilia’ because his father and grandfather were both police officers. In what was described as ‘sinister undertones’, when arrested Cox initially lied that he worked as an officer with Thames Valley police.

Sentencing him, Judge Rupert Mayo, said: ‘I take a very dim view of this crime. I’m not concerned about your fetish or what you stole. I’m concerned about how you planned this burglary by taking her keys, and how you made sure she was out when you visited her home. The fact this was almost a stalker-like relationship makes it altogether worse.’

After the trial the victim spoke of the ongoing effects Cox’s offending has had on her, saying ‘I do feel sorry for his family but he deserved to be punished for what he did to me. From what police told me, Mark wasn’t remorseful when he was initially caught.

‘I don’t know how he feels now, but hopefully this sentence will teach him a lesson and he won’t try it again. No one else should have to go through it. The idea of it still creeps me out. I’m just happy it has all come to a close and I can move on with my life.’

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