Martin / Jade Eatough

Martin Eatough
Photo via Accrington Observer

Martin / Jade Eatough, a male who identified as a trans woman in prison, was convicted of the rape and attempted kidnap of a 15 year old girl and sexually assaulting a 19 year old woman in Blackburn on the same night in June 2005. 

Eatough, 24, was sentenced to life imprisonment at Preston Crown Court in 2006 and was placed on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely. He initially denied the offences but DNA evidence linked him to the 15 year old victim.

At the hearing where the defendant pleaded guilty, Eatough also pleaded not guilty to two further charges of rape and sexual assault on a third woman in April 2005. The Crown accepted his pleas and no evidence on the two charges he denied was submitted. 

The attacks were extemely violent with Eatough initially attempting to rob the 15 year old girl before raping her at knifepoint; he had previous convictions including arson and two offences of attempted robbery. He had also been cautioned for simulating raping a girl under 10.

Judge Slinger told Eatough there was a “real and significant risk or further very serious offences being committed by you”. He also cited the psychiatric report which stated that “even with active assistance and treatment, any gains are likely to be minimal because violent sexual offending usually stems from ingrained, deviant sexual attitudes.”

Speaking after the hearing, Detective Inspector Jim Elston said: “He has shown no remorse and his guilty plea only came as a result of the overwhelming evidence against him.”

In September 2017, Eatough was reportedly found dead in a cell at HMP Isle of Wight. Media reported the prisoner as transgender as Eatough had apparently been taking hormones as the first stage of gender reassignment.  Prison Service spokesperson confirmed “HMP Parkhurst prisoner Jade Eatough died in custody on Saturday 19 August 2017.

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