Timothy Ormandy/ Amber Candy Flowers

Timothy Ormandy / Amber Candy Flowers , a male transvestite, was convicted at South Cumbria magistrates court in 2018, of harassment against a female neighbour.

Flowers/Ormandy, 64, received a 60 day suspended sentence and a restraining order after pleading guilty just prior to going on trial. Flowers/Ormandy must also complete a rehabilitation programme, pay £250 costs and a £115 surcharge.

The Daily Mail reported that Flowers/Ormandy waged a six month campaign of harassment by blasting loud music and shouting threats through the walls of their adjoining flats between February and September 2018. Flowers/Ormandy then defied police warnings resulting in nine days of custody in a men’s prison. After being bailed to await trial, Flowers blamed the victim, shouting through the wall “I’ve got to go to court because of you. I’m not playing your game. You are killing me. Get out of my head.”

The prosecution told the court that the actions of Flowers/Ormandy “led to a significant deterioration in [the victim’s] mental health” and in her victim impact statement she said ‘I didn’t leave the house if I knew Amber was in. I feel safer at work. I just want to live in peace. I’ve sat on the floor crying and shaking; I’ve done nothing to deserve this. I don’t feel safe in my own home.’

The fact that Flowers/Ormandy spent time in a male prison was used in mitigation by the defence – despite the defendant being male and describing themselves as a “man who likes dressing in women’s clothes” to a journalist for the North West Mail who covered the story (see comments below this article).

See this tag for other trans-identified males convicted for violence and/or harassment against neighbours, many of whose victims are also female.

Photo credit: SWNS via Daily Mail

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