Zaid Ahmed

Zaid Ahmed, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in April 2022 at Burnley Crown Court of assaulting a woman and was sentenced to 37 months in prison. It was not Ahmed’s first conviction for a particularly violent assault against a woman, having been convicted in the same court in 2011 of kidnap, assault causing actual bodily harm and making threats to kill.

The 2022 conviction was for an appalling prolonged assault on a woman that the judge described as “having caused serious physical and psychological harm and had a substantial impact on the victim. Looking at all of those factors this is a case of particular gravity.” Ahmed, aged 50 and over 6 feet tall, viciously attacked the 5 foot 2 woman, leaving her with 28 separate injuries after she received a video call from her boyfriend during what is reported as “consensual activities” with Ahmed where he was “submissive” (likely a euphemism for Ahmed being a violent punter). Ahmed attempted to blame potential embarrassment at being seen “dressed as a woman” (ie wearing female clothing and a wig) on the video call.

The judge told Ahmed “Your position is significant and seriously aggravated by your previous like offences. The nature, number and relevance of those offences make this a particularly serious case.

In the 2011 offence, passers-by had phoned the police after Ahmed (then aged 40) abducted a woman (an ex-girlfriend aged 22) from the street, hitting her with a steering lock and threatening both her and others who tried to intervene. It then took the police three and a half hours to arrive at Ahmed’s home and break in, during which time the young woman had sustained multiple injuries and suffered a terrifying ordeal, believing she would be killed. Ahmed received a mere four years in prison and, incredibly, the probation service assessed Ahmed as being a low risk reoffender.

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