Andrew Miller/Amy George

Andrew Miller (aka Amy George), a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Edinburgh High Court in May 2023 of multiple sexual and violent offences against an 11 year old girl, including abduction, sexual assault, possession of 242 indecent images of children and intentionally causing a child under the age of 13 to look at a sexual image (he had also subjected to her to “pornography and fetish videos”).

Miller, aged 53, appeared from a male prison by video link to plead guilty and will be sentenced at a later date. The BBC reports that the court is considering the imposition of an order for lifelong restriction, which would see Miller held in prison for a set period and only released if the parole board felt it was safe to do so. He also would be monitored for the rest of his life.

Judge Lord Arthurson told Miller that he had admitted “abhorrent crimes” of the utmost “deviance and depravity” and which were “the realisation of every parent’s worst nightmare”. Grotesquely, Miller told police that his violent, sexual abuse of a child was a “motherly thing” and that he was being a Good Samaritan and had “put her in bed with me to warm up”. The child had been lured into Miller’s Jaguar car after being lulled into a false sense of security due to him being dressed in women’s clothes. When the girl bravely managed to call the police after being sexually assaulted and threatened by Miller for 27 hours, he was wearing “a bra, silicone breasts, female pants and tights”.

Miller apparently told the court he wished to be referred to as Andrew Miller and with male pronouns, despite saying he was transitioning. It is appalling to realise that had he insisted on being referred to as Amy George and with female pronouns, media headlines such as the BBC’s “Man abducted and sexually assaulted schoolgirl while dressed as woman” would have been very different and likely reported as “Woman convicted of…” – i.e. essentially reporting the story from the perspective of a depraved sex offender rather than the testimony of a young girl who experienced being sexually abused by a violent, dangerous man, and anyone objecting being painted as ‘transphobes’.

See this tag for further examples of trans-identified male sex offenders who cross-dressed while offending

A Sky News reporter confronted Scotland’s First Minister (and proponent of gender self-ID) Humza Yousaf regarding whether Miller will be held in a female prison after sentencing – he predictably dodged the question. Shona Robison MSP can be seen in the background making a swift getaway, doubtless not keen to be confronted about a predatory, abusive man doing exactly what she insisted that there was no evidence predatory, abusive men would do in order to abuse others, as Joanna Cherry MP points out in the below tweet.

*Update October 2023*

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Miller was sentenced to 28 years, consisting of 20 years in prison and an additional eight years on licence. His sentence will be served in a male prison in accordance with a change in prison policy in the wake of the Adam Graham/Isla Bryson scandal earlier in 2023 where the convicted double rapist was initially allocated to the female estate after declaring a trans identity post-arrest.

At the sentencing hearing, judge Lord Arthurson referred to Miller’s offending as “frankly nauseating in terms of its depravity and criminal sexual deviancy”. In his sentencing comments the judge noted not only that Miller attempted to victim-blame the child, but also that by initially denying the multiple sexual assaults he subjected her to, she consequently had to undergo a medical examination by a paediatrician and a forensic physician in order to secure evidence for the court.

In addition, the judge noted that Miller’s “primary focus” throughout had been himself and contrasted the fact that he spoke in detail about his desire to limit the impact of his offending on ‘the wider trans community’ while appearing to deflect from the harm his offending had caused to the victim, even referring to the abduction as a “game.”

Although the court heard that Miller identifies as a ‘transgender female named Amy George and reports that he is in the process of transitioning to a female’, media acquiesced to Miller’s request to be referred to with male pronouns – presumably hoping to act as damage limitation for ‘the wider trans community’. One wonders if the victims of the countless sexual offences detailed on this site requested that the perpetrator of their abuse were referred to as male/men whether that request would be honoured – or is it only convicted sex offenders that are afforded that privilege? Surprisingly, the Guardian managed to report that the judge treated the fact that Miller dressed as a woman as an aggravating factor because it was unlikely that the child would have got into his car if Miller had presented as a man. While the BBC referred to this disturbing aspect of the case in broadcast coverage, the detailed BBC News online article does not mention it at all.

The judge’s sentencing comments are available here – please be warned, the document contains distressing details of the sexual assaults Miller subjected his young victim to.

Highly pertinent analysis from Euan McColm in the wake of Miller’s sentencing is available in this Scotsman article and Ian McWhirter in The Spectator calling the deputy first minister Shona Robison to account for her disgraceful previous claim that there’s no evidence of predatory men pretending to be anything other than themselves in order to attack women and girls.

In common with another Scottish trans-identified male paedophile Lennon/Katie Dolatowski, Miller posted support for Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial plans for gender self-ID in Scotland that was blocked by the UK government. As one user on Twitter/X pointed out to devastating effect, this was mere days before Miller abducted and repeatedly sexually assaulted an 11 year old girl while dressed as a ‘woman’.

Image credit: Police Scotland via BBC

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