Freddie/Alyssa Trenchard

Freddie Christian Trenchard (aka Alyssa Christine Trenchard), a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Guernsey’s Royal Court in July 2023 of the rape of a 17 year old girl.

Media reports indicate that Judge Catherine Fooks told the jury beforehand that the defendant’s transgender status was not material to their deliberation as the defendant had been ‘biologically male at the time’ – and of course remains biologically male, as human beings cannot change sex. She apparently then went on to say that its only relevance was the fact that the defendant had accused the victim of falsifying a complaint because she was transphobic. So, in fact, the defendant’s sex was entirely relevant not only because of the rapist’s attempt to smear his victim’s character, but because the charge was rape, defined in Guernsey as person A ‘intentionally penetrating, with his penis, the vagina, anus or mouth‘ of person B – i.e. a quintessentially male crime.

Reduxx reports that Trenchard confessed in a video on social media to becoming sexually aroused when someone calls him “miss,” the same term he requested to be addressed by during the trial. In fact the judged apologized to the defendant for describing him as a transgender male because he wishes to be referred to as a transgender “female”. Reduxx also reached out to Guernsey Police, who confirmed Trenchard was recorded as a “woman” at the time of his arrest, in accordance with his gender identity.

An attendee at the trial confirmed that, thankfully, the victim was not required to refer to her rapist as ‘she’ in court.

The jury unanimously convicted Trenchard after an hour’s deliberation. Despite being convicted of such a serious crime of sexual violence that carries a substantial custodial sentence, Trenchard was bailed until sentencing later in 2023.

*Update October 2023*

At sentencing, Trenchard received a mere three years in custody after being found unanimously guilty of raping a child. Trenchard, now aged 20, was sentenced to three years’ youth detention followed by three years’ release on an extended license. The judge apparently noted there were aggravating factors in the case and a six-and-a-half year starting point was given, but this was reduced by a third because of Trenchard’s age. It was further reduced due to the transgender element, with Judge Fooks saying that “presents its own challenges in a prison environment” with pre-operative transgender people to be housed in the wing which conforms with the sex assigned at birth. Perplexingly, the court was told Trenchard “has both male and female genitalia” which is impossible as Trenchard is male.

The BBC reports that Guernsey Prison governor John De Carteret said imprisonment decisions were based on the criminal’s sex at birth and risk assessment was “paramount for the management of individuals who are transgender”. “The assessment… seeks to protect both the welfare and rights of the individual, but also focuses on ensuring the welfare and rights of those around them. “We would not accommodate a preoperative trans prisoner in a prison location that is not consistent with the sex they were assigned at birth.”

Guernsey’s Les Nicolles prison is mixed-sex during the working day but living and sleeping quarters are apparently “gender-specific”.

At the hearing, the prosecution confirmed that they would be appealing the three-year sentence on the grounds that it was “unduly lenient”. A date for the hearing has not yet been set. Continuing bail was refused for rapist Trenchard – who maintains that the prosecution has been motivated by transphobia – after an appeal against conviction was turned down.

The victim’s impact statement was described as “harrowing” when read out to the court, and detailed the negative effects on her life, including disruption to education, struggles with personal identity, and feelings of guilt and shame.

To see further examples of other trans-identified male offenders who have received lenient sentences see this tag. The ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ tag collates examples of trans-identified males offenders who received suspended sentences for often serious or repeat violent and/or sexual offending.

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