Alex Horwood/Lynsay Watson

Police constable Lynsay Watson (formerly known as Alex Horwood), a male who identifies as a transgender woman, was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed without notice from Leicestershire Police in October 2023. Watson was also added to a barred list which prevents that person being rehired by any other police force.

Watson, 56, sent more than 1,200 abusive and derogatory messages to a member of the public via social media over an 18-month period, calling him a Nazi, fascist and bigot, and doctoring photographs of him. Though arrested in 2022 related to this course of conduct, Watson was not charged, and remained a serving officer until finally dismissed a year later.

The victim was Harry Miller, the founder of campaign group Fair Cop, himself a former police officer. Watson also targeted a number of feminists and campaigners critical of transgender ideology. After being warned by superiors and told to tweet anonymously, Watson continued to abuse Mr Miller and set up multiple accounts in an attempt to evade identification, even posing as a fake version of the victim’s Fair Cop group on Twitter/X.

The judge agreed with the force’s solicitor that Watson’s actions were ‘intentional, deliberate, targeted and planned’ and that ‘an officer who is abusive towards individuals when their ideologies clash is undoubtedly going to cause significant harm to public confidence.’

Watson’s chequered history in various jobs in the army, health service and police – and accompanying unsuccessful legal actions – is available below via various archived news articles from the late nineties/early 2000s. Watson was previously dismissed from the British Transport Police and reportedly left an NHS job after self-identifying as female and concealing having had gender reassignment surgery.

Cases of trans-identified male offenders in the UK military/police force are available under this tag. These include the sex offender Nicholas/Stacey Poole and Kyle/Zoe Watts who was convicted of weapons and explosives charges in 2021.

Image via Harry Miller

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