Erin Dawson

Erin Phoebe Dawson (aka @erydactyl), a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in July 2023 at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, of common assault against a woman. The victim needed hospital treatment for her injuries.

The woman assaulted by Dawson was one of the leaders of a peaceful feminist vigil on 12th March 2022 that was expressing solidarity with the victims of male violence against women and girls (MVAWG) in the UK – i.e. a male perpetrating violence against women while they were protesting rates of male violence against women in the UK. According to a contemporaneous account from two woman at the vigil, Dawson, 21, repeatedly targeted the women and girls present, assaulting and throwing liquids on them and then being foolish enough to post images and video on Twitter/X boasting about assaulting the women (see videos at the bottom of this post).

Dawson was sentenced to an 18 month conditional discharge, ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim and £85 court costs.

Dawson is not the first male trans activist who has assaulted and/or threatened/intimidated women who raise concerns about the effects of transgender ideology on the rights and safety of women and girls – see Tanis/Tara Wolf, Alan/Sarah Jane Baker, Alex Horwood/Lynsay Watson, Kyle/Zoe Watts, Peyton Rose and Joe Brennan.

The feminist organization, Woman’s Place, has also documented the threats and intimidation women have been subjected to from (mostly male) trans activists while meeting to discuss our rights at a series of meetings around the UK.

The Sex Matters team has released a video (see right) compiling many examples of male trans activists captured on video threatening and assaulting women who defend sex-based rights. A full list including links to media coverage is available here.

Laura Farris, the victims minister, said she would meet Joanna Cherry, MP to discuss carrying out a “rapid review” into the impact of extreme trans activism on women’s rights.

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