Stuart Kelly / Katelyn Findlay

Stuart Kelly / Katelyn Findlay, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, is a serial offender with over 20 convictions for violent offences, assault, robbery, racially aggravated harassment, dishonesty and threatening police officers.

In 2014, The Sun reported that Findlay received a three year community order and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for a “bizarre attack” on a 16 year old child involving Findlay placing their hand in a condom and assaulting the teenager. The Sun also reported that Findlay was accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable female prisoner a month after being sent to a women’s prison.

In 2013, Findlay, then aged 18, was sentenced to six months in prison at Airdrie Sheriff Court after committing a violent robbery on a man, stealing his house keys and a mobile phone sim card before resisting arrest and shouting, swearing, spitting at and violently struggling with three police officers.

Findlay was sent to women’s prison HMP Cornton Vale as “she insists she is a woman” according to a prison source, having dressed in stereotypical women’s clothing for two years, although not having any surgery to live as a trans woman. In an effort to secure a non-custodial sentence, Findlay’s defence team stated that their client had ‘experienced a difficult time in the jail because she was a transsexual’ but the judge was not swayed, due to Findlay’s previous convictions for violence and the seriousness of the offence.

After being released from Cornton Vale, Findlay revealed how other female inmates’ safety and privacy was deprioritised relative to transgender prisoners, saying “When I was showering the girls had to be locked up but when they were showering I was allowed to walk around.” With no apparent irony given past violent attacks on multiple victims, Findlay also added “I want to tell people about my experience inside so that the staff might learn how the way they treat people like me affects us for the rest of our lives.”

Findlay was sentenced to another 10 months in Cornton Vale after threatening and abusing staff and customers at a cafe in Irvine in June 2014 with another male who identifies as a trans woman, Stacie McLean

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