Paris Bregazzi

Paris Valeta Bregazzi, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, has over 90 sets of convictions, many of them for violent offences which could easily have killed the victims.

Bregazzi, 33, is variously described by the media as either a beautician or a sex worker and appears to particularly target female members of the public on London Transport, and law enforcement officers. Although media coverage has pointed out that Bregazzi has assaulted police officers, none have bothered to detail that it is also women being repeatedly and randomly targeted for violence. In court Bregazzi has cited several mental health conditions including borderline personality disorder, depression and psychosis. Convictions are in date order below.

Most recently, Bregazzi was jailed for 14 months in June 2021 for assaulting and terrorizing multiple female passengers on London Overground trains with a makeshift flamethrower. It seems way past time for Bregazzi to be banned from London Transport having violently assaulted, racially abused and terrorized at least ten people – mostly women – on the the network.


Bregazzi amassed an “appalling” record of attacks on public transport, including attacks on staff and commuters at Highgate Station, East Finchley Station and Kings Cross Station. This was revealed at Bregazzi’s trial in 2017 (see below). At that time the defendant apparently had around 40 previous convictions for assault, harassment and shoplifting dating back to 2007. 


Bregazzi was convicted of theft, causing criminal damage and breaching a restraining order (taken out by Bregazzi’s own mother).


Bregazzi was convicted at the Old Bailey in London in November 2017 of one count of doing an unlawful act on a railway with intent to endanger a person (a police officer). Bregazzi, 30, barged off-duty police officer Sam Chegwin onto the tracks at Hanger Lane Station in Ealing, west London, at 5.15am on July 17, 2017 after he told Bregazzzi to “calm down” on hearing the defendant berating and racially abusing bystanders. PC Chegwin received minor injuries to his head after landing inches away from the live line and was extremely lucky not to have been seriously injured.

Bregazzi’s barrister told the court the defendant is “one surgery away from fully transitioning to a woman” and had mental health issues that had been “exacerbated” by being transgender. 

Sentencing was deferred until the week of February 19, 2018 after the judge told the court he was ‘concerned’ Bregazzi had been held in custody ‘in very difficult circumstances’ (i.e. held in a male jail since arrest as the defendant is male and presumably does not have a gender recognition certificate. No mention of evaluating the risk Bregazzi would pose to the vulnerable women in a female jail was reported).

Bail conditions imposed on Bregazzi while awaiting sentencing included attending probation appointments, drug misuse appointments, engage with medical services and to live at home while on bail. 

Bregazzi was also fined in May 2017 for racially aggravated harassment.

(See also Senthooran Kanagasingham, another male who identifies as a trans woman, who pushed David/Sonia Burgess onto train tracks at King’s Cross in 2010 and was jailed for life after admitted manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.)

Other trans-identified males who have been convicted of violent/sexual offences on public transport can be found on this tag.


At sentencing for the attack on PC Chegwin, Bregazzi escaped prison yet again, when the six month jail sentence imposed was suspended for two years. The court heard Bregazzi had 39 convictions for 62 offences, mainly for theft and violence, and Bregazzi’s lawyer conceded the offence passed the custody mark but argued for a community order as the defendant ‘had stayed out of trouble since’ and was ‘more stable now’ after being ‘full of anger and at the same time sadness’ regarding parental estrangement and was ‘desperate’ to finish transitioning.

Recorder Jeremy Dein QC said: “The fact is that [the police officer] could have been killed by the fall and hitting his head, electrocuted, hit by an oncoming train or by a combination of those circumstances.

“Mr Chegwin is extremely fortunate that he wasn’t seriously injured or killed.

“And so are you, because you might well be here now, or certainly have been, at court facing far more serious charges.

Bregazzi, of Highgate, north London, was also handed a rehabilitation order of up to 20 days.

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The BBC reported Bregazzi’s sentencing as ‘Woman spared jail after pushing man on Tube track’.

Later in 2018, Bregazzi was finally jailed in April after being convicted of assaulting another police officer, criminal damage and other violent/intimidatory behaviour against several women shortly after after being handed the suspended sentence for pushing PC Chegwin onto train tracks. Bregazzi was also convicted of stealing a Jimmy Choo handbag. The BBC reported Bregazzi as having 64 previous convictions.

The court heard that on 5 March 2018, Bregazzi smashed property after acting “aggressively” towards two elderly women at a bus stop and throwing wheelie bins in the street then kneeing female PC Florina Russ in the chest. Then five days later while on bail, Bregazzi sprayed perfume at a female Waterloo security guard and damaged a cell at Brixton police station.

The judge activated Bregazzi’s six month suspended sentence and added four more months in prison for the assaults. Charges for possession of a class A drug (crystal meth) – found in Bregazzi’s bra – were not brought.

The defendant was also given eight weeks for criminal damage to run concurrently and was expected to serve the sentence at HMP Belmarsh, a category A men’s prison.


Bregazzi appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court in November 2019 for a separate but “similar” issue to the assaults and criminal damage detailed below in 2020, with probation adding that Bregazzi’s situation had now changed reportedly that “she had stopped injecting the drug which she often took as a sex worker.”


February: Bregazzi was again jailed for 12 weeks in February 2020 after being convicted of two counts of criminal damage, two of common assault and one of assaulting (yet another) police officer. Again, all victims were female and again Bregazzi was under the influence of drugs (crystal meth).

According to the Daily Mail, Bregazzi “stormed into a department store in Kensington and smashed a china display before fleeing the shop” then picking up objects from the ground and throwing them at a car waiting at traffic lights. Bregazzi then entered a pharmacy and threw shopping baskets at a female customer before pushing her against a wall – she was only able to escape after a member of the public intervened and later told police the ordeal was “alarming” and caused her “great distress”.

Bregazzi then pushed another woman to the ground in the middle of the road into the path of oncoming traffic, obviously placing her in danger of being severely injured – she told the court she felt the impact in her lower back and was “fearful of being hit by a car”. Finally, Bregazzi assaulted a police officer after being arrested, by spitting on him and was later arrested for assaulting an emergency worker.

The judge issued a formal warning to to stay quiet in court after Bregazzi was heard to mutter and then shout “you don’t explain cis life.” The judge referred to Bregazzi as a woman, saying “You have 90 sets of criminal convictions. You are a woman of significant violence. You regularly hit and hurt other people” and ‘These crimes are so serious only custody can be justified.”

December: Bregazzi was again convicted for random attacks on three women in London, hitting and pushing them to the ground – at least one of the victims was a grandmother. Bregazzi admitted two counts of assault by beating and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court. 

Bregazzi is likely to face a jail when sentenced on December 30 and despite such clear and repeated evidence of animosity and willingness to use violence towards vulnerable women, Bregazzi’s lawyer requested a transfer from men’s prison HMP Pentonville to women’s prison HMP Bronzefield.


Bregazzi was convicted of affray, threatening behaviour with an offensive weapon and racially aggravated assault by beating in June 2021. The judge sentenced Bregazzi to 14 months in prison for the series of terrifying, unprovoked and racially motivated attacks on London Overground trains. The Express reports that Bregazzi sprayed two women in the face with deodorant and threatened to set their hair on fire, after igniting spray from the deodorant can and brandishing the 2 foot flames at panicked passengers on two trains. After boarding the train, Bregazzi racially abused an Asian woman before spraying her in the face with the aerosol can, leaving her with vision problems for 2 hours afterward. Bregazzi then went onto produce more flames from the aerosol can during the rampage in October 2019. A female passenger who grabbed Bregazzi to try and prevent further flame attacks from the aerosol can on the second train was also sprayed in the face and abused.

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