Tylah-Jo Bryan

Amarnih Lewis-Daniel

Michael O’Docherty/Tamzin Lush

Shaun Pudwell/Michelle Lewin

Norman McKeown

Jess / Josh Bradley

Aimee Challenor

Leicester Square Assault Suspects

Callum Hughes

Chantelle Simmons

Lottie / Lucien Harris

Daniel Eastwood

Kathleen Carpenter / Keith Thompson

Lana Laws

Paris Clarke

Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

Allahra Aziz / Andre Kirlew

IDEVAW 2017: Naming & recording male violence against women & girls

There’s no evidence trans people are murdered at higher rates than the general population in the UK

Katie Brannen

Andrew Macrae

Kayleigh-Louise Woods

Annabelle Ford

Jenny Swift

Paul Reed

Katrina Harte

John Suares

Peter Cooke

Michaela James / Michael Earnshaw

Tilly Simmonds

Susan Bond

Laura Hudson

Graham Cleary-Senior

Katelyn Findlay

Debbie Vincent

Melissa Young

Dean Sawley

Jose Dos Santos

Mark Lazarus

Christopher Hunnisett