Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

This post is a work-in-progress collating violent/sexual offending against women and children committed by UK male transgender individuals

* indicates individual who (subsequent to conviction) transitioned in prison

Murder of women & children

Kayleigh-Louise Woods / Kyle Lockwood: Torture and murder of Bethany Hill (2017)

Graham Cleary-Senior: Murder of Frances Cleary-Senior (2015)

Colin Coats: Torture and murder of Lynda Spence (2013)

Joyce / Gavin Boyd: Murder of Vikki McGrand (2010), see also attempted rape of a 19 year old woman (1999)

Steve Wright: Murder of Gemma Adams, Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls (2008)

Craig Hudson / Kimberley Green*: Torture and murder of Rachel Hudson (2005) 

Lian / Ian Huntley*: Murder of two ten year old girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman (2003)

Joanne Latham*: Attempted murder of Sarah Smith (2001)

Maxine/Matthew Richardson*: Murder of Margaret Bolingbroke (1986)

Jane-Anne / John Pilley*: Attempted murder and kidnapping of Linda Charlesworth (1981)

Lennie Smith*: Convicted paedophile suspected to have killed 5 children (1980s)


Other violent /intimidatory offences against women & children

Speakers’ Corner assault suspects: Assault of a 60 year old woman (2017)

Tiffany Scott / Andrew Burns*: Multiple assaults on female nurses, prison officers & members of the public. Claimed transgender status to force female prison officers to search him (2017 & 2013)

Marcia / Mark Walker*: Repeated bomb threats made to (then) Home Secretary Theresa May and prison officials (2017, 2012). See also rape of children

Aidan Wiltshire: Stalking of two women (2016)

Kristian Churchill: Deliberately drove his car into two lesbian women causing life-changing injuries (2016)

Paris Bregazzi: Breach of restraining order taken out by Bregazzi’s mother (2016)

Laura Hudson: Attempted robbery of a woman and her young daughter (2015)

Robert Messer: Harassment and attempted blackmail/sexual coercion of a woman (2014)

Debbie Vincent: Intimidation against company employees & their famillies during during years of terrorist animal rights violence (2014)

Melissa Cae: Stabbed a child (2014)

Katelyn Findlay: Violent threats and abuse against café customers (2014)

Stacie McLean: Reportedly threatened to rape female prisoners, violent threats and abuse against café customers (2014)

Melissa Young: Assault on female prison officers while on remand for the murder of Alan Williamson (2014)

Craig/Emma Bowman: Sexually pursued a female prisoner, reportedly moved away from her (2013)

Amy Rice: Harassment of female shop assistants (2012)

Kerry Marshall: Stalking, harassment and fraud against Katie Price (2011)

Jan Krause: Six year campaign of harassment & abuse of female neighbour (2010)

Craig/Emma Bowman: Deliberately crashed into neighbour’s car & punched her (2009)

Joanne Spencer: Assault on elderly female neighbour (2008)

Penny Anderson: Racially aggravated inciting fear of or provocation of violence against two children (2007)

Aisha O’Jeer: Robbery of a woman at a cashpoint (2006)

Frank/Kellie Maloney: Admitted assaulting & strangling wife & co-workers (2005)

John/Joanna White: Assault on a female police officer (2000)

David Cross: Wounded a baby (and father) during armed robbery on a post office (1991)


Rape & sexual abuse of women

(Full lists of sexual offences listed by year are available here 20182017, 2016, previous years available soon)

Alexis / Aaron Herschell*: Attempted rape of 19 year old woman. Claimed transgender status to force female prison officers to search him (2017)

Helen Doe: Sexual harassment of female police officer 2015) during arrest for attempted murder

Jessica Winfield/ Martin Ponting*: Segregated after sexually threatening female prisoners in HMP Bronzefield (2017)

Paris Green: Removed to male prison after sexually pursuing female prisoners in 2 separate female prisons (2017)

Sam Broadhurst: Stole & wore a woman’s underwear while stabbing & sexually assaulting her partner (2017)

Derek Allan: Covert filming and stalking of 2 women (2017)

Robert Westmore: Mutiple rapes & sexual assaults against four women (2016)

Paul Reed: Multiple sexual assaults against young women and female children over a decade (2007-2016)

Shane Turner: Stalking and sexual abuse of multiple women (2016)

David Wotherspoon: Exposed himself wearing lingerie to alarm female neighbours (2016)

Ian Qualters: Exposed himself while wearing women’s clothing/swimwear and stalked/harassed female neighbours (2016)

Claire Darbyshire: Broke into a female friend’s house, masturbated into her underwear and stole her clothes (2013)

Qasim Anwar: Rape (2013)

Stacie McLean: Segregated from female prisoners after several reported McLean threatened to rape them (2013)

Clare Lawton: Rape (2012)

Peter Steel: Rape (2012)

Mark Lazarus: Attempted rape of 71 yr old woman (2012). See also sexual assault of children

Kim Goode: Exposed genitals in a shopping centre, assaulted police officers (2010)

Gary Marie*: Stalking, voyeurism, image-based sexual abuse (2009)

Paul Cleife: Indecent exposure (2008)

Martin / Jade Eatough*: Rape & sexual assault (2006)

Geoffrey Holyoake: Rape, sexual assault, false imprisonment (2005)

Karen Lawson / Mark Jones*: Attempted rape of a female shop assistant (2003) while out on licence for manslaughter of Michel Cutler 

Michael Haslam: Rape & sexual assault of multiple women (2003)

Marcus Hance: Attempted rape, possession of a ‘rape kit’ (2000)

Joyce / Gavin Boyd: Attempted rape & permanent disfigurement of a 19 year old woman (1999)

David Harris: Sexual assault of 2 women (1998) Breached SOPO in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2012

Roxane Yeatman: Stole and wore a woman’s underwear 

Gina Smith: Stole and wore a woman’s clothes


Rape & sexual abuse of children

Kathleen Carpenter/Keith Thompson: Indecent assault of a child (2018)

Lana / Ben Laws: Sexual assault, possession of CSA images, repeated SOPO breaches involving possession of devices to connect to the internet and living with a child & failing to notify police (2018, 2012, 2011 and previous)

Aaron Hughes / Aza MacKillan: Rape & sexual offences against multiple children incl a toddler (2017 & 2014)

Dawn Love: Sexual assault of a child (2017)

Pauline / Paul Long: Multiple charges of child sexual abuse (2017)

Jasmine Hill: Child sexual abuse (2017, 2015 & 2 prior)

Kira Leverton: Child sexual abuse (2017) 

Terence Moore: Child sexual abuse (2017)

David Fuge: Rape and multiple sexual assaults on a child (2017)

Nicholas March – attempting to pay for the sexual services of a child (2017)

Davina /David Ayrton: Rape of a female child (2016) & possession of CSA images (2012)

Lisa/ Craig Hauxwell: Rape and sexual assault of two teenage girls (2016)

Gina Owen: Child sexual abuse (2016)

Paul Banfield: Child sexual abuse (2016)

Kristian Churchill: Abduction of a child, allegations of inappropriate relationships with children under 16 (2016)

Dominic Purvis: Child sexual abuse (2015)

Nicola Cope: Rape and sexual abuse of two young girls (2015)

Kristen Lukess: Repeated SOPO breaches (2008, 2016) after conviction for rape of female child (2005)

Nicola Florida: Rape and sexual abuse of multiple children (2007) & SOPO breach (2016)

Jorven Seren: Child sexual abuse (2016)

Geoffrey Cowell: Child sexual abuse (2016)

Paul Reed: Multiple sexual assaults against female children and young women over a decade (2007-2016)

Ann Edmead: Child sexual abuse (2015)

Dean Sawley: Rape and sexual assault of a child with learning difficulties (2013)

Geraldo Tucciarone*: Rape of two young children (2012)

Mark Lazarus: Sexual assault of children (2012). See also attempted rape of a 71 yr old woman

Martin Shaxted: Child sexual abuse (2012)

Peter Trigger: Child sexual abuse (2012)

Unnamed Pontefract Transvestite: Exposed genitals to several children (2012)

John/Elizabeth Rawley: Child sexual abuse (2010, 2011)

Unnamed Manchester Transvestite: Sexual assault of a 16 year old girl (2010)

Stephen Owen: Multiple sexual assaults against children (2010)

Gary Marie*: Child sexual abuse (2009)

Lawrence Balshaw: Child sexual abuse (2008)

Paul Cleife: Child sexual abuse (2008)

Martin / Jade Eatough*: Rape & sexual assault (2006)

Perry Hockley: Child sexual abuse (2006)

Marcia / Mark Walker*: Rape of two young girls (2003)

Jessica Winfield / Martin Ponting*: Rape of two young girls, one of whom lives with a disability (1995)

Ronald Lineker: Child sexual abuse (1992)

Full Sutton prisoner*: Kidnap & sexual assault of a child (1991)

Lennie Smith*: Rape and sexual assault of multiple children (1987, 1992)

Possession of images of child sexual abuse and/or extreme pornography

2017: Wendy Jones; Jasmine Hill; Pauline / Paul Long; Kira Leverton; Sarbjeet Jagdev;

2016: Alice Smith; Jorven Seren; Nicola Florida; Mark Woodley; Nathan Bird

2015: Jasmine Hill; Dawn Love; Dominic Purvis; 

2014: Aaron Hughes / Aza MacKillan; Robert Messer

2013: John Booth;

2012: Davina Ayrton; Marcia/Mark Walker

2011: Richard/Michaela Hammersley; John/Elizabeth Rawley; Lana / Ben Laws

2010: Laura Voyce; Gillian Newley; John/Elizabeth Rawley

2009: Gary Marie

2006: Dominic Purvis; 



Aaron Herschell was convicted of one charge of attempted rape and a second charge returned a ‘not proven’ verdict (2017)

Dean Williams was acquitted of rape at a retrial (2017)

Alex Mackay has been acquitted of domestic violence four times (2015)

John Booth was acquitted of child sexual abuse, but convicted of possessing CSA images (2013)

Gary Atack was acquitted of raping a 16 year old girl, but admitted urinating in front of her and being sexually aroused by urinating in front of others (2005)

Gary Marie was previously acquitted of making and possessing an indecent image of a child before being convicted of multiple sex offences against women and children in 2009, including voyeurism and making and possessing indecent images of a child (2001)


Not charged

Colin Glover Cross-dressing pilot accused of masturbation, indecent exposure and endangering the public on a plane (2016)