2019 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder/Attempted murder:  2

Gerald Matovu: Murder of Eric Michels, a 54yr old gay man

Roderick Deakin-White: Murder of Amy Parsons, a 35yr old Australian woman

Sexual offences: 12+ 1 sought by police (8 with child victims, 4 with adult victims)
Sexual offences with child victims:

Paul Reed: Sexual assault of a 15 year old girl

Christopher Worton/Zoe Lynes: Child rapist convicted of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Richard Grattige: Child sexual abuse

Alistair Chapman: Child sexual abuse

Chloe/Brandon Walker: Child sex offender breached terms of Sexual Harm Prevention Order (2nd breach)

Geoffrey Rainey Kelly: Child sex offender breached terms of SOPO 

Daniel Reed/Ella Davies: Possession of over 1000 images of child sexual abuse

Anthony/Toni Prince: Possession of over 1000 images of child sexual abuse and extreme ponography

[See 2018 Convictions for Katie Dolatowski sentenced in January 2019 following convictions in 2018 for sexual assault and voyeurism offences against two young girls in female public toilets]

Sexual offences with adult victims:

Dennis Reed: Attempted rape, sexual assault and assault of elderly woman

Paul Reed: Two sexual assaults and eight breaches of an order banning him from covering his face or approaching, touching or communicating with women

Nicola Watson: trespassing on premises with intent to carry out a sexual offence (voyeurism/public masturbation)

Gerald Matovu: Assault by penetration 

Sought by the police: Poole Transvestite Sex Offender

Other violent offences: 7 (+ 2 charged)

Princess Purple Watkins: Harassment of estranged wife

Carol Lea: Possession an offensive weapon in a public place and threatening behaviour

Justin/Charlotte Blundell: Harassment, attempted criminal damage of a police vehicle, failing to surrender

Gerald Matovu: Multiple violent offences against 12 gay men, including six counts of administering a noxious substance, seven thefts, six counts of having articles for fraud, assault occasioning bodily harm and drug possession

John/Jayde Clowting: Assault of a gay man in a bar in Bristol

Lana Stancer: Assault of a second gay man in a bar in Bristol

Colin Coats: Murderer convicted of weapon possession in prison


Peyton Rose Monteux: Charged under the Communications Act after allegedly issuing a violent threat on Twitter against women

Joe Brennan: Charged with threatening and abusive behaviour against lesbian feminist Julie Bindel

Other miscellaneous offences: 

All individuals convicted of offences listed above are males who identify as trans women, apart from the individuals listed below who are males who cross-dress part time. Individuals who cross-dress are included under the UK government’s and LGBT organisations’ definition of the ‘trans umbrella‘ or people who are “gender incongruent to some degree”.