Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

UK homicides perpetrated by males who identify as trans women/transvestites = 32

*indicates individual who transitioned in prison following conviction

2019 – Roderick Deakin-White killed Amy Parsons

2018 – Gerald Matovu killed Eric Michels 

2016 – Kayleigh-Louise Woods tortured and killed Bethany Hills 

2016 – Jenny Swift killed Eric Flanagan

2015 – Claire Darbyshire killed Brian Darbyshire (father)

2015 – Graham Cleary-Senior killed Frances Cleary-Senior (wife)

2013 – Melissa Young killed Alan Williamson

2013 – Paris Green tortured and killed Robert Shankland

2013 – Alan Baker/Alex Stewart killed John Weir

2013 – Colin Coates tortured and killed Lynda Spence

2010 – Christopher Hunnisett* killed Peter Bick 

2010 – Senthooran Kanagasingham killed David/Sonia Burgess

2010 – Paul Hayhurst killed Alexander Toner

2008 – Gavin Boyd killed Vikki McGrand (sister in law)

2006 – William Jaggs* killed Lucy Braham 

2006 – Steve Wright killed Gemma Adams, Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls

2004 – Craig Hudson/Kimberley Green* tortured and killed Rachel Hudson (wife)

2004 – Daniel Eastwood* killed fellow prisoner Paul Algae

2001 – Christopher Hunnisett* killed Ronald Glazebrook

2001 – Samantha Read killed Simon Spicer (partner)

2001 – Malcolm French killed Christopher Loftus (wife’s new partner)

2000 – Michael Chidgey killed Heather Tell

2000 – Karen Lawson* killed Michael Cutler (partner)

2000 – Robert/Emma Page* killed Clive White

1992 – Robert/Rachel Hilton* killed an unnamed victim

1986 – Matthew/Maxine Richardson* killed Margaret Bolingbroke

1978 – Douglas/Tai Wakefield* killed Brian Peake (fellow prisoner)

1974 – Douglas/Tai Wakefield* killed an unnamed relative (uncle)

[List edited  in February 2019 to remove the 2002 murders by  Ian Huntley of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman after Huntley contacted the newspaper that originally published the story inferring he identified as transgender]

Acquitted/never charged = 2

1987 Lennie Smith* suspected of killing of 5 children

1995 – William Wotherspoon acquitted of killing Francis McMillan

UK attempted homicides perpetrated by male transgender individuals = 8 + 1 charged

[2018 – Liam Suleman charged with attempting to kill a member of staff at a secure psychiatric hospital]

2015 – Lauren Jeska attempted to kill Ralph Knibbs

2014 – Helen Doe attempted to kill Kenneth Doe (brother). Doe was acquitted after defence of ‘non-insane automatism’ was accepted by the court

2011 – Joanne Latham* attempted to kill an unnamed HMP Frankland prisoner

2008 – Alan/Sarah Baker* attempted to kill an unnamed fellow prisoner

2007 – Joanne Latham*  attempted to kill an unnamed fellow Rampton patient

2001 – Joanne Latham* attempted to kill Sarah Smith

1991 – David Cross* attempted to kill David Halberg & his baby son

1984 – Peter/Rosemary Kirkwood* attempted to kill John Kirkwood (father)

1981 – John/Jane-Anne Pilley* attempted to kill Linda Charlesworth

1978 – Douglas/Tai Wakefield* attempted to kill a prison officer

A post detailing 12 homicides and 4 attempted homicides perpetrated by male trans individuals in the decade between 2008 and 2017 in the UK alongside a list of 7 male trans individuals who were the victims of homicide in the same period is available in here

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UK homicides perpetrated by females who identify as trans men = 1

2012 – Adam/Hannah Bonser* killed Casey Kearney