Zaid Ahmed

Trisha Clifton

Kyle /Zoe Watts

Susan Cuthbert

Rachelle Mikhnevich

Josh/Samantha Howard

Tristyn Bell-Willows

Marcus Smith/Adam Hodgson/Leila Le Fey

Justin/Charlotte Blundell

Carol Lea

Frank/Jane Hills

Peter Syme/Andrew McWilliam

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Karen White

William Jaggs

Daniel Eastwood

Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

Jay Ferguson

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Jessica Winfield / Martin Ponting

Martyn / Jade Eatough

Donna Bowdler

Graham Perryman

Dawn Love

Lauren Jeska

Katrina Harte

Musa Deria

Susan Bond

Prisoner XT

Debbie Vincent

Melissa Young

Joanne Morris

Thomas Feeney

Melissa Cae

Mark Cox

Colin Coats

Joel Hardman

Gary Marie / Marie Dean

Joanne Spencer

Lawrence Balshaw