Francesca Camicia

Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

Hannah Bonser

Allahra Aziz / Andre Kirlew

South Yorkshire Transvestite

Jay Ferguson

Paris Bregazzi

IDEVAW 2017: Naming & recording male violence against women & girls

There’s no evidence trans people are murdered at higher rates than the general population in the UK

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

Graham Simpson

Speakers’ Corner Assault Suspects

Jessica Winfield / Martin Ponting

Martin / Jade Eatough

Andrew Burns / Tiffany Scott

Marcia Walker

Sam Broadhurst

Shantelle Taylor

David Fuge

Derek Allan

Donna Bowdler

Graham Perryman

Kayleigh-Louise Woods

Aidan Wiltshire

Dawn Love

Annabelle Ford

Kristian Churchill

Ian Qualters

Shane Turner

Robert Westmore

Jenny Swift

Amy Rice

Geoffrey Cowell

Natalie Kearney

Lauren Jeska

Katrina Harte

Musa Deria

Claire Darbyshire

Davina Ayrton