Carl Regan/Lucy Couture

Norman McKeown

Peter Syme/Andrew McWilliam

David Challenor

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Liam Suleman

Karen White

Rachael Bailey

Leicester Square Assault Suspects

Callum Hughes

Sarah Preece

Chantelle Simmons

William Jaggs

Daniel Eastwood

Tanis Wolf / Tara Wood

Nicholas March

Francesca Camicia

Transgender individuals who have killed/attempted to kill others in the UK

Hannah Bonser

Allahra Aziz / Andre Kirlew

South Yorkshire Transvestite

Jay Ferguson

Paris Bregazzi

IDEVAW 2017: Naming & recording male violence against women & girls

There’s no evidence trans people are murdered at higher rates than the general population in the UK

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers

Male trans individuals convicted of violence against women & children

Graham Simpson

Speakers’ Corner Assault Suspects

Jessica Winfield / Martin Ponting

Martyn / Jade Eatough

Andrew Burns / Tiffany Scott

Mark/Marcia Walker

Sam Broadhurst

Shantelle Taylor

David Fuge

Derek Allan

Donna Bowdler

Graham Perryman

Kayleigh-Louise Woods