2016 Convictions

Convictions of males (ie individuals who identify as transgender women or who cross-dress)

Murder/Attempted murder: 2 + 1 on remand

Claire Darbyshire – Murder of Brian Darbyshire (father)

Lauren Jeska – Attempted murder of Ralph Knibbs, actual bodily harm of Kevan Taylor and Tim Begley

Remanded pre-trial: Jenny Swift  – prisoner found dead in cell before attempted murder charge was updated to murder (of Eric Flanagan)


Sexual offences: 18 (11 with child victims, 7 with adult victims)
Sexual offences with child victims

Davina Ayrton – Rape of a 15 year old girl

Lisa Hauxwell – Rape and sexual assault of two school-aged girls

Gina Owen – Sexual abuse of a 13 year old boy

Jorven Seren – Sexual assault of a young girl

Kristen Lukess – Second breach of SOPO imposed after conviction for rape of a child

Nicola Florida – Breach of SOPO imposed after conviction for rape of multiple children

Geoffrey Cowell – Exposed underwear to young girls while dressed in female clothing

Paul Banfield – Breached restraining order imposed after sexual assault of a child

Alice Smith – Possession of over 1200 prohibited images of children

Nathan Bird – Possession of prohibited images of children

Mark Woodley – Possession of over 2000 prohibited images of children


Sexual offences with adult victims

Robert Westmore – Rape and sexual assault of four women

Paul Reed – Sexual assault, breach of SHPO

Shane Turner – Indecent exposure, harassment, breach of restraining order

Ian Qualters – Public order and harassment offences while wearing women’s clothing/underwear

David Wotherspoon – Public order offences involving dressing in women’s underwear (verdict overturned on appeal in 2017)

Angel Gomes –  Controlling prostitution for gain, money laundering

Ian/Janine Rear – Brothelkeeping


Sought by the police: Unnamed Wilmslow Transvestite & Cross-dressing Liverpool armed robber


Other violent offences: 6

Natalie Kearney – Domestic violence

Kristian Churchill – Grievous bodily harm (GBH)

Amy Rice – Arson 

Katrina Harte – Possession of firearm 

Allahra Aziz – Burglary & theft

Donna Bowdler – Inciting racial/religious hatred & weapons possession 

Miscellaneous other offences: 2

Amanda Barrymore – Benefit fraud  

Timothy/Tara Shovlin – Dangerous driving

All individuals convicted of offences listed above are males who identify as transgender apart from the individuals listed below, who are males who cross-dress part time. Individuals who cross-dress are included under the UK government’s and LGBT organisations’ definition of the trans umbrella or people who are gender incongruent to some degree“.